Product Information Management

  • Product Information Management: What’s this?
  • Product information management (PIM) is the segmentation of product data with the goal to harmonize technical and marketing information. These data should then allow a unique product presentation with an unambigious identification and a proper synchronisation.

  • About data quality?
  • In the times of E-commerce product data quality becomes more important every day. Wrong data means wrong marketing, wrong shipments and dissatisfied customers.

  • What can we do for you?
  • Product data has to be current, complete, accurate and unambiguous. In order to arrange this, our flexible database will be adjusted to your data requirements. Once the authorized original data is imported, it can be converted into the required formats and be used for every content provider in every language in the market.

  • Scope of our Offer
  • Setup data base and modify imports
    The PIM data base will be setup and flexibly adjusted for a proper import of the supplier databases

    Modify data exports
    Depending on the content providers the exports will be adjusted to their requirements as well

    Content provider control
    A permanent control mechanism to find modified data will result in the immediate update of the unauthorized data

    Report of changes
    To achieve an optimum of transparency all changes will be reported on a quarterly basis as an PDF attachment to the invoice

  • Partner Requirements
  • o Sign up with one or more content providers
    o Grant access to the content provider accounts
    o Provide current authorized product information
    o Provide multilingual content for every required language

  • Content providers supported:
  • o CNET
    o IceCat
    o etilize

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