Product Finder

  • Product Finder: What’s this?
  • A product finder is an information tool that helps to identify the best fitting product for a specific requirement within a large assortment of similar alternative products.

    In the IT-industry the main purpose of this is to allow an easy and intuitive search for accessory- and upgrade products for a computer system like a notebook or a consumer electronics device like a smartphone.

  • Accessories are a profitable part of today’s business
  • Resellers want to push the margin-intense accessory business, but sometimes don’t know exactly how to do that – especially online. Many resellers have fancy webshops with a big range of products and a perfect commercial clearing system. But there are many „lost visits“ because the potential customer can not find the fitting accessory or upgrade product for his specific system.

  • Cross Selling
  • Even though the consumer was just looking for a memory or a battery for his notebook, additional products are shown to motivate for an additional purchase.

  • Specification Product Finder
  • Aside of the offer to easily find proprietary products related to a branded system, it is also possible to search for rather generic products like NAS systems or privacy filters in the Specification Product Finder.

  • Usage in Sales and Service
  • The product finder does not only support webshop visitors, but also helps the sales staff of a reseller or a distributor. So the customers can be served optimally with accessory- and upgrade products without losing their focus on the important daily solution / project business. Complex researches for options and spare parts are reduced and the margin-intense accessory business and the customer satisfaction will increase.

  • Multilingual Design
  • The 14-language design (Frames in D, UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, PT, DK, SE, PL, CZ, SK, HU, UA) allows the usage of the product finder almost EMEA-wide.

  • Easy Integration
  • The product finder can be setup very easily in the existing webshop environment as a frame-in-frame solution. The basic version is free of charge. If the current web environment offers already a product finder the data can also be transferred through an API data stream to be displayed in the own tool. A deep link leads directly to the shopping basket or the product info page of the webshop. An online setup form is provided to allow a proper communication prior to the setup process.

  • Advantages at a glance
  • o Additional sales in the accessory arena
    o Sales tool for consumers and reseller’s sales / service
    o Reduction of product returns
    o Reduction of lost visits
    o Increase of customer satisfaction

The basic version for distributors and resellers is free of charge!

A demo can be found here: DataLocker PortBlocker

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